lux film prizeGiornate degli Autori - Venice Days

07 October, 2010


I've just seen Machete... it's already on the cinemas in Romania. And i 'm very happy to finally understand the jokes i heard throughout the festival related to the macho character of Dannny Trejo. So, even if i'm a month later, i feel a great excitement reproducing them: Machete doesn't text, Machete gets evidence and Machete doesn't text, Machete improvises! Unfortunately, i can't imitate the voice....
And...yes, you were right, i enjoyed it, it's a very amusing film from the point of view of the situation and the characters. It was extremely funny to see names such as Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal put in awkward situations, making fun of their previous macho 'invincible' roles, which made them popular and well-known.
The girls were stunning/very hot...that's what the boys said and i agree with them (especially Michelle Rodriguez). Their foxyness in combination with Machete/Danny Trejo and the other middle aged guys .. made the story even more hilarous!

P.S It's strange how i still feel the need to share some of my opinions with became a 27 Times Cinema habit!