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09 September, 2010


I finally got onto the internet...the short sneaking-into-the-always-overcrowded-office-for-an-internet-access time didn’t really give me enough time to write anything sophisticated on the blog apart from some cheeky facebook statements that were supposed to provoke and tease my cinema loving friends of courseJ. Since I live in the furthest house and the reception is something which comes and goes even you are sticking your head and hands out of the window, it´s been almost impossible to keep in touch. Moreover, seeing four or five films a day don´t really leave you full of energy at the end of a day.

Anyway, from some mysterious reasons I am finally able to be on-line and have some time off to share my incredibly interesting thoughtsJ. My bed is sooo comfy, HARIBO and cup of coffee keep me company, so let´s do this and stop complaining!

Since this is my very first blog comment, I would like to express my deep gratitude for being a part of this great project, I feel much honored to be one of the 27 Young Jury Members of the Venice International Film Festival. This is an unforgettable experience for us all. And so far so good!

I´ll underline the main things that have happened so far, the films I have seen and remembered and the discussions going on. So please, take your seats and switch off your mobile phones...

DAY 1 (Thursday):

This day started perfectly. After the previous and very tiring day, Kata and I decided to get up early and try to get into the queue for Aronofsky´s Black Swan at 8.30 and guess what, we got in! Darren´s feature blew me away and left me speechless...just what I´d expected. Excellent dramaturgy, great music, capturing cinematography and outstanding Natalie Portman. This psychological thriller makes you think, spooks you and mesmerize you at the same time. Black Swan definitely made my day!

Dark Love by Antonio Capuano unfortunately couldn´t keep up with Aronofsky and didn´t leave any special impression.

The next pictures, The Accordion (Jafar Panahi) and The clink of ice (Bertrand Blier), I didn´t get to see due to a fully loaded screening room.

Today´s discussion covered freedom of expression and censorship, mostly from the political point of view throughout the history.

DAY 2 (Friday):

This day was passing in a melancholic and dramatic mood. Morning film Miral (Julian Schnabel) lead me into the war time in the Middle East. Nice cinematography and dramatic story but nothing apart from that has stuck in my memory.

The green blood, an Andrea Segre´s documentary about African immigrants to Italy, was an ordinary film that didn´t let me down but didn´t enchant me either.

On the other hand, Norwegian wood by Tran Anh Hung made me cry. This lyric and beautiful picture totally got me by its purity, simplicity and honesty. The music underlined emotions behind the love story, the mis-en-scene and cinematography became truly irreplaceable parts of the film.

Also Incendies (Scorched) by Denis Villeneuve definitely counts as one of my favourites. This moving story nails you to the chair. In order to search the old roots, the twins are about to find out unexpected… a shocking revelation.

The today´s discussion followed a dramatic topic: Public and private violence.

DAY 3 (Saturday):

I saw Sofia Coppola´s Somewhere which along with Marion Hansel´s Ocean black I would rate as nice but ordinary TV films that don´t insult or fascinate.

On the contrary, the controversial feature about the foursome trying to cope with their love, sexual needs and jealousy, Happy few (Antony Cordier), I found really interesting and powerful.

Today´s topic: The soul of cinema: memory and roots.

DAY 4 (Sunday):

Finally I got to see something that enhanced my mood: a very clever and engaging French comedy about defeating patriarchy in the late 70´ - Potiche (Francois Ozon).

Martin Scorsese´s and Kent Jones´s documentary about a film director Elia Kazan named A letter to Elia pleasantly described the biggest Scorsese´s influence on his work.

The last late night movie was Post mortem by Pablo Larrain. Very slow-paced but original experimental picture that goes deep into the protagonists´ psyche and the storyline is revealed just sketchily. Although, I must admit I fell asleep watching this movie…

Today´s topic: Whatever happened to independent American cinema, where we discussed no more relevant differentiation between studio films, indies and commercial pictures. “All that matters is film and no one cares where you got the money from if the film is good…”

DAY 5 (Monday):

I remember this long line in front of Sala Darsena for a feature named Beyond (Pernilla August). Didn´t know much about it beforehand and I was just nicely surprised by its depths and sincereness. This story about home violence, abuse and alcoholism was indeed convincing and well captured.

The Oscar winning director Danis Tanovic introduced his new epic piece – Circus Columbia. I was relieved that such a harsh topic as a war or its threat was treated with a little bit of fun and easiness.

In the discussion we talked about the future form of cinema. About the difficulty which the new media bring along, how they affect film production and so on. Will the future lays in short films? Or are they going to be video game/comic book movies that will take over?

DAY 6 (Tuesday):

There was almost nothing interesting to watch. The place in between/ Notre etrangere (Sarah Bouyain), The happy poet (Paul Gordon) and Scena del crimine (Walter Stokman)…all very ordinary pieces.

At last, Jan Švankmajer finally took this film festival seriously and presented film art experiment, Surviving life, which played with feature and animations and mixed reality with dream. Funny and smart picture it is. I am giving my personal recommendation.

Today´s topic: What purpose do festivals serve nowadays? The relevant answer is to exhibit and promote authors´ new work.

DAY 7 (Wednesday):

All I have seen today was Vincent Gallo´s experimental feature Promises written in water. Apparently, this film was completely knocked out by the critics and even my fellows didn´t like it. But I really don´t see why. It was clearly an art and audiovisual experiment. The lack of a story did not matter at all. The epic fragments were used only as a background for the psychological and physical exploration of human relationship, man´s mind and body. I especially loved the detailed shots and the framing which almost always separated one person from another during dialogue scenes. So for me, Mr. Gallo, thumbs up!

The documentary format: is this the real cinema? That was the topic of a day. It is really hard to answer this question. This kind of debates has been going on for ages. Some film makers say that the documentaries are definitely more objective than the other media or films. But on the other hand, there are few things we must take into the consideration because they change reality anyway. For instance, staging scenes for reconstructions, using actors, music, the presence of a camera eye itself and above all, editing as a result coming from the director´s choice. Reality is hard to capture and sometimes it is necessary to use art in order to preserve the truth.

So, yeah, so far so good.


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