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05 September, 2010

Nick Shaw - first post

This is my first post for the 27 Times Cinema blog so I’ll quickly take this opportunity to say how privileged me and my 26 fellow jurors are to be here. Although not even halfway through our stay here, I’ve rarely had a more intensely educational end stimulating experience. So thank you to all who have worked so hard to make this programme happen.

So far, I’ve seen plenty of films, and given the wide variation in the tastes of my fellow jurors, the relentless schedule has been coupled with lively debates that have accompanied the short walks from venue to venue.

Yesterday I spoke as a representative of the 27 on the panel in a Venice Days panel discussion on the subject of “The Soul of Cinema: Memory and Roots’’. I took the opportunity to open discussion towards my colleagues more often than in the previous discussions so that we could incorporate our youthful perspective on the Venice days programme into the debate. I was very pleased that Pappi Corsicato raised the importance to writing of a total investigation of the auteur’s own memory to develop their voice, and illustrated using the example of Proust’s A La Recherche De Temps Perdu – the madeleine that can spark the memory and open the doors to creativity. I enjoyed how highlighting such an awareness of memory and roots in this way reminded Marion Hansel that many different artforms contribute to the identity of the film-maker.

Today’s discussion on the state of American independent film was a little more focused on the economics of the industry from an international perspective. I have always tried to remain aware of the tension between those who believe that cinema is an artform that must also be a business, and those who believe that is a business that must also be artistically worthy. It was lively and reminded me of one of the unique idiosyncrasies that I love about cinema.


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