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03 September, 2010

MACHETE - Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis

Since the first time I’ve watched the alleged mocked trailer of Machete (exhibited in the Tarantino-Rodriguez’s Grindhouse project) I have always wondered how this film would be and whether it would become real. Now, from Venice, I can say that Machete is deliciously demented, unlikely admirably, astonishingly thug, wisely irreverent, hilariously perverse, staunchly populist, too extreme and extremely excessive, as well as cunning, and infinitely bloody hilarious...

Robert Rodriguez and his copilot Ethan Maniquis have stepped the accelerator strongly and they have mashed every barrier: idiomatic, human, moral, ethic, physical... Having the chance of watching a film like this in a festival like the Mostra di Venezia is an unforgettable, delightly incredible spectacle. Since the first frame, this film is an explosion of memorable anarchic, brutal, insane sequences. When one may think that this vibrating rhythm is impossible to withstand, Rodriguez and Maniquis speed up even more and give you a punch in your stomach.

If you are already surprised by the prelude, you become captitave later when watching the initial credits: Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Don Jonhson, Robert de Niro, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodríguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan… All of them funnily caricaturing themselves.

I have always liked Danny Trejo. In fact, he has always been a really pleasant supporting actor to me. Everytime I see him on the screen, I really enjoy him. But now, after watching Machete, he’s become some kind of ‘the king of tough guys’. He’s ferocious, lethal, incorruptible and inexplicably irresistible to women (and what women – Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez!).

This madness is an orgy of flesh, blood and guts in which a handful of psychopaths loose glorious gems left and right: “you just fucked with the wrong Mexican!”, “Machete improvises”...

Everything about this film is extreme, insane, fanatical, bloodthirsty, neurotic, brutish and, above all, absolutely brilliant! I watched every second of film with a delirious and malicious smile on my face. I really enjoyed everything my eyes saw and my ears heard (including a crushing soundtrack).

As a postscript (and last prank), at the end of the film a pseudo-commercial that promises two new releases is shown - Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again (hilarious!).

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