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06 September, 2010

Little voices – Huge meaning.

Another meaningful film has been screened yesterday, although it had a different perspective in the aesthetic mode of sending its central thematic idea to the viewer. Pequeñas voces, the animated documentary based on the interviews and drawings of displaced children coming from Colombia, euphemistically depicts (through its aesthetic mode) the atrocities and brutalities that innocent children have undergone in their homeland. The first-person narration that is used along with the incorporated vivid imagery, make the message to be received more lively by the viewer. Indeed, when you hear a little child narrating its tragic experience and simultaneously watch its animated drawing, then you automatically penetrate its own viewpoint which is full of virtuousness, authenticity and truthfulness. It is very ironic though, that war and hostility but also human cruelty are portrayed through this delightful artistic form. Besides, through its numerous visual depictions, the film deals also with the historicity of the events, in that way it intends to maintain our historical memory alert and impels us think critically. As we know, children have faced up to a cold and apathetic approach in Bogota, the Colombian city. Therefore, these “voices” have an ecumenical dimension. They aim for resounding in our ears, to us, the people who live in a “lethargic” society, where excessive consumerism and economical prosperity have alienated us and we sacrifice them in the name of human ideals, morals, dignity and altruism. Since grownups did not manage to send this message throughout the world, the children who apparently know better, found their own way to do it, and they did it outstandingly!

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