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10 September, 2010

The List

Since arriving in Venice, I’ve been having a hard time distinguishing one day from another. The routine makes the days flow together. It all seems a bit blurry and if it wasn´t for my little blue notebook, I would forget half the films I’m watching. To form a general view, I’ve written down a list of things that have made some kind of impression on me or just things I want to keep in mind. I’ve been wanting to do a list like this ever since I read Naive, Super by Erlend Loe. Here’s my list:

- Silent Souls by Aleksei Fedorchhenko.

- Very small coffee cups.

- A lot of nice people with different accents and dialects.

- Delicious coffee.

- A bathroom door that doesn’t close.

- Post Mortem by Pablo Larrain.

- The night I got told off by a waiter for ordering an espresso before the main course.

- Joaquin Phoenix from behind - Or at least someone who looks like him. He was wearing shades!

- Glitter dresses.

- The last scene in Post Mortem.

- The monotonous voice of the Happy Poet (Paul Gordon).

- Knowing that there was a possibility of accidentally bumping into Natalie Portman. Unfortunately it never happened.

- Hailstones the size of olives.

- The Lumiére sequence in the official trailer for The Venice Festival. So far I’ve seen it about 32 times.

- The Venice Days villa and its lovely garden.

- Pizza.

- The beautiful cinematography in Post Mortem.


Anonymous said...

And what about Italian coffee and Larrain's Post Mortem? You didn't mention them! :D


Moonika said...

I'd add gelato and the smell of the sea :)