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09 September, 2010

Last-minute Post (Day 8)

I am really ashamed to admit, but apparently this is my very first post on our blog, so I have to start with the basics. We have had some serious problems connecting the web which at first made me somewhat annoyed as I really wanted to read the ideas shared here. Having done so this afternoon, I am really disappointed that I couldn’t read al the posts immediately after they got posted because I find most of them very exciting and thought-provoking. But also, I am somewhat glad not to have internet here in Venice, because that might allows me to enjoy the Festival and the wonderful 26 more intensely. I am more than happy to share this fantastic experience of the Venice Days with the other members of the project and I wish that these 10 days lasted longer. Yes, we actually are the ones who find the 24 hours of the days here way too short.

What has probably been the best part of this last eight days here is the morning discussions we had in the wonderful garden of the Villa (or, in case of awful weather – which, quite unexpectedly, very often occurred – inside). The most unforgettable person was of course the amazingly arrogant Danis Tanovic, whose latest film, Cirkus Columbia is in the Giornate Degli Autori selection. Although he is not a particularly original or exciting speaker, his producer, Cédomir Kolar shared some very exciting thoughts with us. Personally, I found the discussions with the Variety critics more interesting and more organized than the ones with the directors and producers, probably because sometimes I feel that even the most talented filmmakers are incapable of sharing anything unusual about the writing-creating-financing-post-production phases. Anyway, I was really honoured to meet all these people, especially, I must say, Denis Villeneuve, whose wonderful Incendies will certainly get my special mention at tomorrow’s final meeting.

Altogether, I found the Venice Days selection very much worth seeing, although I agree with those who were starving for some laughing and humour – instead of more mafia, revenge and raping – at times. Paul Gordon’s The Happy Poet was therefore definitely one refreshing experience, and I wish I could say the same about Cirkus Columbia, which I unfortunately found way too lengthy and classical, even though I loved the scenes with Bonnie, the cat. As for the official selection of the Festival, I was especially happy about the new film of Sofia Coppola, who is one of my favourites at the moment. What I found really amazing about Somewhere is this amazingly sensitive, yet brave and strong young female-character played by the fantastic Elle Fanning, who, for me, equals the young Sofia. My favourite thing about cinema has always been the peeking-into-other-people’s-lives thing – yes, I am a cliché-voyeur-cinéphile – and on many levels, Somewhere offers a perfect platform for that. Also, I felt perfectly excited to sneak into other people’s lives – to be precise, to other people’s bedrooms – when I saw the Happy Few by Antony Cordier.

So this is all for now, as I really would like to go outside and enjoy the last rays of today’s wonderful sunshine in the beach. I can’t wait to hear what the other 26 will suggest for our special mention at tomorrow’s meeting and I hope we will have an incredible last two days here.

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