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05 September, 2010

Il sangue verde and its anthropocentric messages

Having watched Il Sangue Verde I was really impressed by the idea that those powerless - tabooed from mainstream society human beings – would ever had the chance of manifesting and unfolding explicitly their thoughts and feelings concerning their everyday personal experiences and agonies. Through a sequence of realistic testimonials, immigrants vividly portray their pathos as well as their traumatic experiences and their persona-non-grata role within our typical “civilized” society. They describe the “us” versus “them” mentality that largely exists in western societies, that is the attitude of the “rational” dominant majority - which claims its superiority as a result of its social status which is essentially based on economic and political power – against the powerless minorities which are characterized by a low per capita income, less opportunities for education and generally a less developed regime. Therefore, there is a controversial debate between the “civilized” and the “uncivilized”, the “noble” and the “savage”, the “rich” and the “poor”, the “legitimate” and the “illegitimate”, the “lucky” and the “unlucky”. Obviously, for the majority of western type societies where nationalism and capitalism but also individualism grows as a normal state of affairs, there is no capacity for at least approaching these immigrants as equal human beings as we are, hence, from that logic the exploitation and biases – which vary in form - occur. The screening of this film coincides with the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion. It is up to us to listen and learn from the feeble voices of these socially excluded persons for the sake of building and reinforcing a more humanitarian world which essentially understands that the concept of “race” is socially constructed and that ultimately there is one kind of race, the human one.


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