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14 September, 2010

Good Bye

So, that's us, the Happy Few, the 27. The Mostra left all of us slightly Scorched, almost as we've fallen into The Ditch. Now we are all scattered again, in Europe, Somewhere. The Last Movie I saw was the winner of the Golden Lion. Beyond that, I will always remember The Clink of Ice in our cups of Spritz, walking around the Lido, on The Road To Nowhere. The Black Ocean in the night made us Happy Poets, reflecting about how lucky we were, and what an honour it is to be in Venice. When we Leave, we go home to our countries, working with 13 Assassins, doing some Essential Killing, or maybe as a clown in Cirkus Columbia. Who knows. And of course, we want to meet each other again, but as nobody knows what life will expect us, these are all Promises Written in Water.

Venice was amazing. Thanks for this opportunity.


Moonika said...


Eloy Domínguez Serén said...

Fantastic! Actually, you are really the happy poet

Zuna said...

brilliant haha :-D love you xxxx

Inês Bento said...

U're the best!!! <3 u cribmate :)

twitch said...

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