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11 September, 2010


(PART 1)

I felt a sense of relief the moment i stepped outside the cinema hall - not only because i felt free of the pressure that the film itself caused me, but because, for my relief, i saw most of the 27 having the same look on their faces..And they left the screening with a slow pace like they didnt actually wanted to escape.
Umay’s – a young Turkish 25year old mother and wife – attemp to escape from the abusive family envirroment she is living in and start a new life begins an irreversable trip to violence, pain, anger and pure solitude for both sides.
A vicious circle of hatred and violence inside an uneducated society which foreigns its own children in the name of plastic morals. During the movie we watch Umay struugling with this unhealthy mechanish that has as a result her parent ‘s constant rejection,harsh restrictions and domestic violence.

Without slipping into the easy way of making a melodrama the direrctor Feo Aladag tells a strong story because as she said “only personal stories tell the actual truth”.

* * *

(PART 2 - Last thoughts)

A film is a journey to where your imagination imposes.It is a silent agreement between the film and the greedy audience that it is going be a pure orgasm of sences that tickles your soul and mind until the last cell of your body - until your fingertips. Otherwise it is not worth the lights it has been given.

Cinema is so fragile that you are not allowed to put any kind of boundaries .fragile as your soul is ,as your memories are ,as revolution is.So let it penetrate into your worst fears,into your fantasies ,let it shock you and provoke you in order to look clearer when you walk out of the dark screening room.

Can you even imagine what would happen if all the unconventional minds of the world put limits and forms in their creativity ,to all their reckless-at the time-operations and they did not confront the conservative other side? Even worse in our basic human -primitive sometimes- desire for freedom? What if Lars Von Trier had doubts about Dogma,what if Kinsey never talked about sex without taboos ,what If a pioneer as Martin Luther King would say: ”I have a dream… but I don’t really want to talk about (actually that one is stolen!)

So please leave behind you any restrictions and enter in such an experience as vulnerable you can be…

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