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09 September, 2010

Venice Film Festival - a great, exhausting cinema marathon

September 2010
- III-

Danis Tanović was invited at the debate in the morning to discuss about the role of festivals nowadays and the film that he presented at Venice Days, Circus Colombia. He is a nice arrogant person, if I am allowed to say that! And his film, Circus Colombia, is one of my favorite, together with Incendies / Scorched (by Denis Villeneuve); but what actually bothers me is that I cannot compare the two, so as to decide which one I like more. Circus Colombia is different! It says the story of Divko (Miki Manojlović) who returns to his hometown after 20 years of exile, but on a totally inappropriate time as the war was about to start. However, Danis Tanović did not make it a war drama, the film is very complex and stirs different emotions, reactions, impressions. I asked him today what was his intention at the beginning: to make a love story in a war context, a story about war softened by love, a coming-to-the-roots story … because Circus Colombia is a combination of all of these. And he answered that the film is a mirror of himself, and that usually films present the naked nature of the producer, his experience and dreams. So, the film is mostly about him, inspired by what he went through since the war started. He identifies himself with the young Martin (Boris Ler), a boy, chasing girls, having no ideas what the future has reserved for him. Then, with the rich Divko, the happy “possessor” of a trophy wife, who returns home a successful, rich man. Moreover, all his characters are alienated by communism, fascism, fear of war, but in a very comic way. Circus Colombia, is a pleasant comedy, it has lots of tasty funny moments, telling the joke of a regime, of the people in it and the drama of the ones affected by it. As I got it, it is a nicely love story in a very expressive historical background, garnished with a comedy of situation, of language, or character. It is lovely!

If you want to see a film that became an „animation” just becouse „pictures don’t need food” (therefore no money), then choose Surviving Life / Přežít svůj život! Jan Švankmajer needs no presentation...his new film, Surviving Life / Přežít svůj život is absolutely crazy , with a hilariously comic introduction. Variety presents him as the guru of the stop motion, and such a famous name brings in great expectations! Well, this movie was another attempt of playing with our minds and eyes. At the border between dream and reality, Surviving Life / Přežít svůj život is a collage full of symbols and inside jokes for those who have read Sigmund Freud’s works. It presents Eugene (Václav Helsus), an ordinary person, who has some weird dreams of another woman. In an attempt to understand himself, he sees a psychoanalyst who gives him the news that he has just married his „anima”. From then on he starts living more in his dream than in his marriage life reality. But, the movie is more than a story, it is a visual experience, „an orgasm” (as Zoi would say!), an elegant, intrigant, weird mixture of humans, animals, dreams and reality. What makes the film even lovelier is that Jan Švankmajer could combine all these in a very comic way, with delicous dialogs, and suggestive images, making it a surrealist work of art, not an experimental kitsch!

Those who are afraid of clowns should not watch Balade Triste de Trompeta (by Alex de la Iglesia). But i am not afraid, so i enjoyed it, though 8:30 in the morning is not the perfect time to see such a movie. Why? Oh well, the film starts promising saying the story of a boy who wants to become a funny clown as his imprisoned father. But, everything goes crazy after he finds a job in a circus and fells in love with the boss’s girlfriend. This sad boy turns out to be... a bloody murderer!. So, yeah, it is a perfect film for those who love to see a lot of blood, exagerated drama, grotesque images and protagonists. For all the others, it may be too much. For me, it was funny, except for the mutilation scenes, when i had to cover my eyes. But, all these in combination with too much blood, a criminal crazy clown in love with a horny Barby girl make a combination that stirs laughts ... and i found it amusing!


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