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11 September, 2010

Conall made my day

On the way home the other day Conall gave us an amazing performance as usual. Not satisfied with just applauds Conall took off his hat and started to beg for money from the surrounding people, trying to convince them that he actually is famous in Ireland. Conall never got any money but his reaction when realizing that he just begged the European Parliament members for money was indescribable!

Yesterday we met the members of the European Parliament again, although under more serious circumstances when discussing Europe and Cultural Identities. The moderator for this debate Nick James, editor of Sight and Sound, addressed interesting questions about cinema as a vehicle for transmigration, European transgression and the future of Europeans cinema in relation to the domination of American Cinema. I’m very interested in topics concerning cultural- and multicultural identities, partly because it’s something that I can relate to myself. One of the Lux Prize films, Plato's Academy by Filippos Tsitos, was talking about this subject in a humoristic way through the character Stavros who finds out that he is Albanian. Although he has spent most of his life in Greece, a conflict regarding whether he’s Albanian or Greek emerges, which is concerning both a personal conflict but also a conflict for his friends who openly show hatred for Albanians throughout the film.

As I wrote above this is something I can relate to myself; since coming to Venice several people told me that: “nooo, you’re not Swedish”, “you don’t look Swedish at all” or “where do you come from originally?”. Of course I can be Swedish! But what interests me about these comments is the question – what determines cultural identity today? Migration has created multicultural identities and lines are being blurred. For me it’s not important to define cultural identity but I believe that the blurred lines create a fear of “the new Europe” which creates a nationalistic political view.

I wish I would have more time to discuss this but now the Venice Days has come to an end, and I’m very grateful for being a part of the 27 Times Cinema! Being able to see as many movies as you can has been great and to discuss them with the rest of the 27 is fantastic. But before we leave I really hope we will see Conall perform the “Single ladies” choreography again.

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Anonymous said...

Now I feel guilty about having asked one of those questions.

Besides, I see why Conall didn't say a word during the last debate...